Symptoms For Gestational Diabetes

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Symptoms For Gestational Diabetes

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Gestational diabetes risk factors include being overweight or obese, history of gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy, and PCOS, having pre diabetes. Gestational diabetes can be treated witht and exercise. Some women may have to take insulin for treatment..Find out what gestational diabetes means for you and baby. Read about diagnosis, treatments, causes, risks and prevention of gestational diabetes..Most women don t know that they have gestational diabetes until they re given a screening test. Could you have the subtle symptoms of this disease?.Many women are surprised to learn they have gestational diabetes because they have no symptoms. If you do have symptoms from gestational diabetes, they may include Increased thirst.Increased urination.Increased hunger.Blurred vision.Pregnancy causes most women to have to urinate more often and to feel more .Who s at risk of gestational diabetes Symptoms of gestational diabetes How gestational diabetes can affect your pregnancy Screening for gestational diabetes Treatments for gestational diabetes Long term effects of gestational diabetes Planning future pregnancies .All expectant mothers will be tested for gestational diabetes at some point during their pregnancy. Expecting mothers who are over the age of , over weight, or have a family history of diabetes may be tested earlier and more frequently..Gestational diabetes often has no, or very mild, symptoms. Hormonal changes in pregnancy, extra weight, or a family history of diabetes also may play a role..Usually there are no symptoms, or the symptoms can be confusing. Being tired, very thirsty, and having to pee can be signs of GD, but they are also common side effects of pregnancy. Since the symptoms are the same as pregnancy or non existent , the only way to find out for sure is to get tested..Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that develops, or is first diagnosed, during pregnancy. The condition, like other forms of diabetes, involves high blood sugar levels..The lack of obvious symptoms is confusing and can make some women doubt that they have it. This is also why every woman is questioned on possible risk factors for gestational diabetes during the booking appointment. If you have some of the risk factors you will then be tested to check whether you have .


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