How To Control Sugar Level In Pregnancy?

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How to Reduce Blood Sugar in Pregnancy?

How To Control Sugar Level In Pregnancy? High blood sugar during pregnancy is gestational diabetes. This condition affects 3 to 5 percent of American pregnant woman with hormonal changes that occur in the body during pregnancy, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Being overweight before pregnancy, a family history of diabetes, a history of large or stillborn babies, and being older than 25 years are risk factors for gestational diabetes.

How To Control Sugar Level In Pregnancy

Blood sugar levels usually return to normal after giving birth, and proper management of gestational diabetes helps prevent complications in both mom and baby during the pregnancy. If your doctor has told you-you have elevated blood sugar levels, you probably already know the potential risks.

Gestational diabetes triggered by uncontrolled blood sugar levels. During pregnancy, blood sugar should always check. The risk of high blood sugar is very dangerous to the birth process also gives adverse effects on your baby.

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How To Control Sugar Level In Pregnancy?

In general for women lower blood sugar level is very easy. Just need to do a healthy diet periodically. Diet by changing the diet that is by consuming lots of healthy fruits and vegetables. In this way, the blood sugar level will drop and return to normal.  How To Control Sugar Level In Pregnancy?

Step 1 : Low Glycemic Index Foods


Develop a meal plan. With the guidance of your obstetrician or a registered dietitian, devise a diet that is specific to you and your pregnancy.

Medically natural foods from fruits and vegetables will prevent the occurrence of inflammation. Also, it can stabilize and lower blood sugar levels. So much healthier body.

The key to keeping your blood sugar levels stable during pregnancy is to consume healthy foods. Eat foods with a low type of Glycemic (GI). Like cereal. Bread, various kinds of beans, and potatoes. Avoid eating too much rice.

How To Control Sugar Level In Pregnancy, Low Glycemic Index Foods

Step 2 : Improve Digestion

Limit your intake of sugary snacks, drinks, and foods. Candy, soda, cookies, cake and other foods that contain a lot of simple sugar can rapidly increase blood sugar levels and make gestational diabetes worse.

All nutritionists advise, The importance of keeping blood sugar levels healthy. Consumption of supplements containing probiotic substances to maintain the body’s metabolism. Probiotics contain good microbes for intestinal health. So carbohydrates are easy to digest.

Step 3 : Eat Healthy Fats

Eat three or four small meals every day with snacks in between. Eating more often prevents your blood sugar from crashing between meals.

Fat intake is very much tends not good for health. But there are some good fats for consumption such as olive oil, coconut oil, and butter made from natural cow’s milk.

If you like the type of fried food, you should use coconut oil, olive oil or butter to process the food. That way the fried food can be healthier.

Step 4 : Watch Sugars

Reduce the number of carbohydrates in your diet and replace them with high-fiber foods, such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Step 5
Drink a minimum of 64 oz. of fluid each day. Proper hydration is necessary to stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent pregnancy complications.

Step 6 How To Control Sugar Level In Pregnancy?

Engage in light and regular activity, with your doctor’s permission. Activities like walking casually every morning or afternoon, Gymnastics or doing yoga.

These activities are very healthy during pregnancy. In addition to healthy can also control blood sugar levels to be stable.

How To Control Sugar Level In Pregnancy, workouts to avoid while pregnant,

Step 7 How To Control Sugar Level In Pregnancy?

Check your blood sugar levels frequently using a blood glucose meter. Most meters require you to prick your finger and then drop blood on a testing strip. The results enable you to adjust your food or medication to prevent a hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic episode.

Step 8 How To Control Sugar Level In Pregnancy?

Test your urine for ketones if your doctor recommends doing so. Ketones occur in urine when your body is burning fat for energy. Can be harmful to your baby during pregnancy.

Step 9 : Herbal Remedies

Take insulin per your doctor’s instructions. Your doctor will instruct you on how and when to administer insulin and will provide you with information on storing the medication to keep it safe.

Tips How To Control Sugar Level In Pregnancy?

Be aware of target blood glucose levels. For most women who have gestational diabetes, target levels are 95 or less upon waking, 140 or less one hour after eating, and 120 or less two hours after eating, according to Cleveland Clinic.